SISTERHOOD IS A WARM AND WELCOMING GROUP of women of all ages, stages of life, and levels of religious commitment. Sisterhood organizes our Break Fast at the conclusion of Yom Kippur services, the Chanukah dinner, and the Second Night Seder, as well as our annual Shabbat Shira service.

Have you looked in the Sisterhood Gift Shop display cases recently? There are many unusual items for sale. Here are some highlights:

From the Tallit Workshop at Yad L’Kashish (Lifeline for the Old) in Jerusalem there are two beautiful and hand-decorated tallitot. Also, you will see a stunning hand-made brass menorah depicting the Old City and the famous Montefiore windmill that turns, a hand-embroidered challah cover, and several mezuzot all made by the elderly artists at this wonderful non-profit social service organization. Supporting Yad L’Kashish is truly a mitzvah.

The Sisterhood Gift Shop is proud to display the unique copper and enameled mezuzot made by our own Seymour Glantz. Seymour and his cousin, Evi Sheffres, design, sculpt and enamel each mezuzah with different color combinations and decorative accents. These mezuzot make very special gifts for many occasions.

Menorah 1.jpg