Our Mission

TEMPLE HABONIM IS DEDICATED to helping Jewish individuals and households realize lifelong involvement in Judaism, guided by Jewish values. We are a focal point for Jewish life centered upon the responsibilities to fulfill mitzvot, study Torah and participate in the worship of God. As the Reform Jewish presence in the East Bay, Temple Habonim is a gathering place for social and religious programs.

Our Vision

THRIVE AND GROW as the Reform Jewish presence in the East Bay for all who want to affirm and nurture their Jewish faith in a safe and secure spiritual Jewish environment.

WELCOME AND EMBRACE all who come through our doors seeking an encounter with our rich tradition and heritage. 

ATTRACT additional members by offering rich and varied spiritual, religious, cultural, musical, artistic, academic, intellectual, educational, and social programming, without losing the unique character of the Temple. 

SUPPORT AND NURTURE families in their various life cycle events, providing pastoral care and community support to all who are in need. 

ENGAGE in Tikkun Olam, “repairing the world,” striving to fulfill the prophetic call to translate the words of Torah into the works of our hands. 

REACH OUT to the diverse range of Jews in the East Bay area, striving to find avenues of access for all who desire to enter into dialogue with our tradition, including those whose previous religious affiliations may not have been within the Reform Movement. 

MAINTAIN AND ENHANCE our connection with the greater Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts Jewish community. 

BUILD BRIDGES AND PROMOTE HARMONY with the local interfaith religious community, as well as the East Bay community at large.