Temple Habonim's Youth Group is open to interested students in grades 9 and above. Youth Group membership does not require Temple membership. The Youth Group meets regularly, engages in activities both in and outside of Temple as a group, and attends social functions with other NFTY (North American Federation of Temple Youth) groups in the southern New England area. Our Youth Group is a member of the Bristol County Temple Youth division of NFTY.

Youth Group provides a forum for Jewish teens to meet and socialize outside of a religious school setting and continues to build a foundation for a teen's Jewish identity. In some cases the Youth Group provides a chance to be with other Jewish teens which might not be possible through other avenues of a student's busy life. Our Youth Group Advisor keeps in contact with the members through social networking such as Facebook and Twitter. The Advisor encourages a safe environment for teens to share and interact with fellow members.

If you are interested in our youth group, click here to send an email to our Youth Group Advisor, Steve Sherman.