Temple Habonim’s Youth Group is called BCTY (Barrington Community Temple Youth). BCTY functions as a community space for interested jewish teens in grades 7 and above.Youth Group provides a forum for Jewish teens to meet and socialize outside of a religious school setting and continue to build a foundation for a teen's Jewish identity. In some cases the Youth Group provides a chance to be with other Jewish teens which might not be possible through other avenues of a student's busy life.  BCTY meets every Sunday at 12pm and engages in events and activities both in and outside of Temple. In the past BCTY has led successful movie nights, open mic nights, hanukkah parties, “THB Talks”, and participated in social action in the Rhode Island area. For leadership, BCTY has a youth group board with many positions that reflect the focal points of BCTY. Please see the included current board positions of BCTY for 2018-2019. Elections happen at the end of every academic year to allow for new leadership to bring BCTY to its full potential. BCTY is also part of NFTY NE  (North American Federation of Temple Youth in the Northeast Area) which is a national organization that brings together Jewish teens for events that inspire participation in community building, social justice, and Jewish learning, along with having lots of fun. ur Youth Group Advisor Danielle Friedman is the youth’s point person for support and assistance in making BCTY the best (and most fun) it can be. The Youth Group keeps in constant contact through a group chat and also has many means of social media including an instagram page @barringtontempleyouth. If you have any questions or are interested in joining please contact Danielle Friedman (dfriedman1213@gmail.com). And if you have any doubts of how much fun our youth are having in BCTY just read current members’ testimonies below! 

BCTY Board 2018-2019
Meredith Kaplan & Ryan Silverman — co-presidents
Xan Maddock-Mark — vice president
Elana Sheinkopf — religious and cultural chair
Jared Silverman — treasurer
Tamar Wolfson — social action chair
Talia Jellinek-Knight — secretary
Tyler Buka (with Max Jellinek-Knight and Jason Buka) — social media/communications chair
Sarah Jageler - NFTY representative

Blurbs from current BCTY members 

“I joined BCTY to make new friends and to impact the temple in a positive way!” -Meredith Kaplan, Class of 2019 

“My favorite part of BCTY is the people. Sitting around the table at Temple every Sunday joking around and planning events is one of the best part of my weeks. Throughout the fall of my last year in BCTY, I am also very inspired by all of the younger members and their willing to work hard and think big. I feel very grateful to have been a part of this amazing group and cannot wait to see its bright future unfold in the years to come! I recommend BCTY to all jewish teens looking to have fun, meet awesome people, and engage in really important work in building a jewish community in and around Barrington!” -Emmy Leviss, Class of 2018 

“I joined BCTY because I wanted to stay active in Temple Habonim after my Bat Mitzvah. I love the friendly people and the fun events that we organize!” -Abby Kaplan, Class of 2018

“When I was in high school I took great pride in being part of the youth group here at Temple Habonim. I even included my work with BCTY in my Senior Project! Now, as the youth group advisor of BCTY, I am honored to be the leader of such a great group of kids. BCTY strives to work hard, commit itself to Temple Habonim, and give back to the community, all while creating bonds and friendships that will last a lifetime.”  -Danielle Friedman, BCTY Advisor 

“I love BCTY because it gives me the opportunity to connect with other Jewish kids who are like me. It is fun to celebrate holidays together and bond over traditions!” -Anna Brousseau, Class of 2018 

““BCTY keeps me connected to the Jewish community!”- Andrew Gerstenblatt, Class of 2020

“My favorite part of BCTY is doing fun bonding activities (like bowling) and hosting movie nights!” -Talia Jellinek-Knight, Class of 2021

“BCTY has served as my connection to so many valuable groups of people. The temple community, my Barrington community, and the larger Jewish teen community across the Northeast.” -Jared Jageler, Class of 2018

“Being in BCTY has been a great way to connect with the people in the grades above and below me, even after confirmation, as well as other Jewish youth in Rhode Island.” -Tamar Wolfson, Class of 2019


BCTY Board.png