Temple Habonim Board of Trustees’ monthly meetings are usually held on the second Wednesday of each month, beginning at 7:00pm (be sure to check the monthly calendar for the date). Each board meeting is open to all THB members in good standing, and all are welcome to attend. On a very few occasions, there may be some confidential information that needs to be discussed, but generally meetings are open. You are invited to come and see how decisions are made and how your congregation works.

2015-2016 Board of Trustees:

                                Title                                                  Name

Officers             President                                              Nicole Jellinek
                          Vice President                                      Alane Torf
                          Treasurer                                              Michael Blane
                          Assistant Treasurer                              Susan Hirsch
                          Recording Secretary                            Jennifer Jageler
                          Immediate Past President                    Lisa Shea

Trustees          Trustee ’17                                              Candace Baer
                         Trustee ’17                                              Lucy Maddock
                         Trustee ’17                                              Karyn Robbins
                         Trustee ’17                                              Alex Freedman*
                         Trustee ’17                                              David Kagan*
                         Trustee ’18                                              Sharon Monsour*
                         Trustee ’18                                              Fred Thaler*
                         Trustee ’18                                              Toby Weiser*

                         *Two-year term per by-law change.

Committees   Adult Education                                      
                        Communications                                     Michael Zucker
                        Endowment                                             Neil Greenspan
                        Finance                                                   Bill Donohue
                        House                                                      Bonni Koppelman
                        Long-Range Planning                             Bob Kemp
                        Membership                                            Edie Weinstein
                        Ritual & Music                                          
                        Sisterhood President                              Michelle Goncalves
                        Social Action                                           Lisa Denny
                        Caring                                                      Roni Phipps