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JUNE 2006


Of the several innovations which Temple Habonim’s younger families have introduced into our synagogue calendar, one of the most successful is our monthly Tot Shabbat and Family Worship program, so ably led by my colleague, Rabbi Debbie Pipe. This past May 19 I had the privilege and the pleasure of leading our Family Worship service, since Rabbi Pipe was getting married on that very same weekend. (Mazel Tov, Debbie!) Our sanctuary was overflowing with the energy of our young people and their parents – as well as with the vitality of some of our “old-timers” as well. A special thank-you to the dozen or so Third-Graders who assumed leadership responsibilities on this particular Shabbat.

I respectfully declined the invitation to lead the Tot Shabbat, which preceded the May 19 Family Worship. It has already become our tradition that the leader of our Tot Shabbat program sits on the floor with the tots; while I have no trouble getting down on the floor, at my age getting up again tends to be considerably more problematic. I am happy to report that Dr. Jonathan Leviss, an involved member of Temple Habonim who is far younger and more limber than I, did an excellent job with our youngest children.

As many of you know, on most Friday evenings when there is a Tot Shabbat and Family Worship program, we hold a “traditional” service for our older members at 8:15 P.M. There are those among us who feel that this monthly scheduling of Shabbat worship into “younger” and “older” time slots unnecessarily divides the generations in our extended Temple Habonim family. While I am to some degree sympathetic with those who share in this perspective, my own sense of our community is that our younger families and our older families have very different needs. Younger families want services that are held early and that are relatively brief – worship that will keep the interest of children and will be over before their sons and daughters are ready for bed. Older families, on the other hand, are often looking for worship that offers a context of quiet spirituality along with a sermon/ discussion that ignites at least a few intellectual sparks.

The sages tell us, “Eilu v’eilu divrei Elohim chayim. These and these are the words of the living God.” That is to say, there is merit in the views of both our younger and older families; each group is searching for ways of meeting its particular needs. What all of us would do well to remember is that our needs change as we journey through the years. When I came to be your rabbi in August of 1974, with our daughter Karen just six weeks old, it never occurred to Sandy and me that one day we would be talking about our empty nest and retirement.

Our summer Kabbalat Shabbat worship services, which this year begin on Friday evening, June 23, 6:15 P.M., are designed to meet the needs of both the young and the not-so-young. The worship is relatively brief, about 45 minutes, although we do use our “adult” prayer book. This summer I will select some melodies which the children in our religious school enjoy and other melodies with which our long-time members are familiar. My goal this summer is to create an atmosphere in which all ages will feel joined together:

L’dor vador nagid gawdlecha…

From generation to generation we declare Your greatness…

James B. Rosenberg, Rabbi


June 2 Shabbat Shavuot: CONFIRMATION OF TENTH GRADERS at 8:00 P.M.

June 9 Rabbi Rosenberg will speak on WHO IS A HERO? at 8:00 P.M.

June 16 Family Service, 5:30 to 6:15 P.M. followed by Picnic

June 23 Begin Kabbalat Shabbat Summer Services, 6:15 P.M.

June 30 Kabbalat Shabbat Service, 6:15 P.M.


June 2 Confirmation – Oneg Shabbat by Parents of Confirmands

June 9 Martha and Dale Wallick in honor of the bar mitzvah of their son Brett

June 16 Family Service and Picnic

June 23 Kabbalat Shabbat Summer Service, 6:15 P.M.

June 30 Kabbalat Shabbat Service, 6:15 P.M.


Andrea and Gary Berkowitz for sponsoring the May 12th Oneg Shabbat

Meirav Werbel for speaking about Israel to the Third Grade Sunday School Class and

sharing with the children many different foods from Israel.


The Temple Habonim family extends its deepest condolences to Beth Hayes on the recent death of her grandmother Irene Gladstein., to Joseph Shansky on the death of his sister Bernice Ruth Weinberg, and to Ruth Fain on the death of her father Sidney Derman.


I come from a family of “worriers”. My brothers and sister worry, my mom and dad worry, I worry, often losing sleep while we worry. We’ve made suggestions to each other about things to worry over and have agreed that if you don’t currently have a worry, that’s something to worry about.

For the past two years, I have worried about a number of things.

Will our downstairs classrooms stay dry during heavy rain storms?

Will we find enough dedicated volunteers to develop into future leaders?

Will congregants pay their fair share dues or will we need to divide our costs by our members and move to a flat fee dues structure?

Taking on the responsibilities as this congregation’s president I knew would mean also taking on new worries. How would I be able to balance my family, business and temple needs?

Will my husband ever tire from the volunteer assignments I gave him or the dinnerless temple meeting nights?

Will my teenage boys stop being afraid of embarrassment at the mention of their names in High Holy Day speeches and presidential messages?

I didn’t realize at that time, how my personal life would become intertwined with my temple life.

The official end of my term is June 30th and for some reason, I’ve stopped worrying. Does that mean it’s Jerry’s turn to worry and the “pressure is off”? Well…maybe, but maybe something else has happened.

Temple Habonim has a dedicated and talented Board of Trustees and committee chairs who have experienced what can happen when all our geese are headed in the same direction. In the next few months we will all meet our new Education Director and after that, our new Rabbi. We are in the midst of change. It is a very exciting time. Don’t worry. Be happy.

My heartfelt thanks to Rabbi Rosenberg for his friendship, leadership and loyalty; to Margie for all of her understanding and dedicated and efficient service; to the previous, current and future Board of Trustees for their commitment; to the previous Presidents for their guidance and support; and, to all of you, for making Habonim the hamishe and vibrant community that we are. It has truly been my pleasure and honor to serve as President of Temple Habonim.

SISTERHOOD Jennifer Trachtman-Rooks

Please join us on Sunday, June 4th for our end of the school year celebration. The Bagel and Schmooze will take place during the school carnival. Stop by and join us for the final Sisterhood meeting of the year, beginning at 9:30 AM. If you have been interested in getting involved, this is your chance! Come have a snack and let us know how you would like to participate in the social and spiritual events being planned for next year. Everyone has their own ideas and traditions to bring to the table, come and share yours.

Thank you to everyone who has helped with the events and celebrations during this past year. Special thanks to the Sisterhood board: Jennifer Reich, Nancy Sheinberg, Jennifer Levy, June Poses, Perri Leviss, Jocelyn Kaplan and Faye Zuckerman. And thanks to Perri, Jocelyn and Alayne White who have signed up to help on the board next year!



Would you like to order imprinted kippot? Do you need a tallis for your son or daughter? The Sisterhood Gift Shop can help you! It’s easy and convenient…just call June Poses at 245-0904.

There are two beautiful and unique tallism for sale in the Gift Shop display case. These tallisim were hand made in Jerusalem by artists from the Israeli nonprofit organization, YAD L’KAHISH, Lifeline for the Elderly. This wonderful organization is supported by donations and income generated from sales of the products made by its artists. The purchase of a YAD L’KAHISM tallis is truly a mitzvah. Thank you for supporting Sisterhood.


The Congregational Survey with responses and commentary is on the website (home page link to PDF file) . The Search committee has finished their analysis of the congregational survey asking what the congregation would be looking for in a new Rabbi. It is an acrobat pdf file and will require adobe acrobat reader loaded on your computer. for a free download of Adobe Acrobat Reader click here.

CHESS KNIGHT Luciano Sztulman

Calling all players! Come learn new strategies and make new friends. Bring your chess set and get ready to have fun. Meeting dates are on Wednesdays at 6:30 PM: June 7 and June 21.




Jewish Eldercare of Rhode Island (JERI), a program of the Jewish Seniors Agency, has long been in the forefront of providing avenues and opportunities toward caring for the sick. Our varied programs include visiting hospitals, training lay volunteers to become spiritual visitors to residents in area facilities, spirituality and grief workshops and other community-based efforts. JERI offers several 8 week sessions of training throughout the year. All meetings will take place at the Tamarisk Enriched Assisted Living facility in Warwick. For more information, please contact JERI at 621-5374 or


B.O.W. (Beyond Our Walls), Barrington’s interfaith organization, is endorsing a unique volunteer mentoring opportunity run by the Kickemuit Warren Middle School and Mosaico Community Development coroporation. The program pairs up a qualifying student with a caring adult to promote the well being of the student. If you would like to explore the possibility of becoming such a mentor, you are invited to attend an informational meeting at St. Luke’s Church, Washington Road, Barrington, Wednesday evening, June 14, 7:30 P.M. Please RSVP to Marilynn Renner at 245-7337.

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