1. Find your FY 2018-2019 Dues Statement
  2. Enter the balance shown for Q1* in the box below
  3. Click the "Donate" button.  You will be taken to PayPal where 4 recurring payments for this amount will be set up for you.  Your first payment will be collected immediately; the remaining payments will be collected automatically every 3 months.

* If you have made an advance payment, your Q1 balance will be less than your remaining quarterly balances.  After creating your payment plan following the steps above, email treas@templehabonim.org so that your remaining payments can be adjusted.

Enter your quarterly commitment donation amount (balance shown for Q1 on your Dues Statement):



If you have any questions regarding your commitment, or need to make any adjustments, please email our Treasurer at treas@templehabonim.org, or call the office to schedule an appointment.


Instructions for making dues payments to Temple Habonim via PayPal:

You do not need to have your own PayPal account to make dues payments, however, creating an account is free, and can be helpful.

After entering your donation amount, simply click the Donate button and you will be taken to PayPal's secure checkout page, where you can confirm the transaction and complete the payment process (if you do not have a PayPal account, look for the "No PayPal account" / "Don't have a PayPal account" link below the "Log In" button on the PayPal checkout page to pay directly via credit or debit card).