Chanukah is celebrated each year with a dinner, sponsored by Sisterhood. Each family attending brings their Menorot or Chanukiot so that they may light the candles together as a community. Coloring books, crayons, and small toys donated that evening are delivered in the days following to local shelters housing families in need so that children may enjoy small gifts during the holiday season. 

Shabbat Shira is a service organized by Sisterhood and led by our sisters in honor of Miriam, with readings of poetry, prose and “songs of the sea.”

Purim offers the reading of the Megillah and often a Schpiel complete with ruckus, groggers and many cries of Boo at the name of you-know-who.

Passover brings the celebration of the Second Night Seder at Temple Habonim as members join together for a community seder. Sisterhood organizes this annual evening where the story of Exodus is retold in traditional fashion.

Shavuot brings with it the celebration of the completion of our tenth graders' formal Jewish education with their Confirmation, a moving service led by our Confirmands.